My first 2 pieces of Kathryn Cooper Jewellery were bought for me by my 2 daughters for mother’s day.  I loved them so much and was taken by the fact they were made from high quality genuine gemstones and precious metals, extremely well made with the precision of a fine jeweller, but mainly for their design, unusual, inspired, bold but somehow elegant.

I looked into her other designs and have since engaged Kathryn in making bespoke pieces for not just me but my daughters and closest female friends.  Kathryn is extremely creative and can create beautiful bespoke pieces to fit any person’s personality and tastes.

I love dramatic statement type jewellery but both my daughters prefer more delicate jewellery and Kathryn’s talent lends itself to both which I think is a unique gift.  I have never come across anyone that goes to the lengths to help her clients that Kathryn does, I recently commissioned Kathryn to research, source and make a bracelet for a friend of mine suffering from breast cancer, and she went to get lengths to discover gemstones and crystals that were said to have healing potential, some of which were not available in the UK, so she imported some of the stones from other countries and designed a beautiful bracelet my friend draws great comfort in wearing.

I cannot recommend Kathryn enough she is amazing, creative, inspiring and most of all she makes me feel amazing when I wear her jewellery, she is definitely my husband’s go-to person for a present he knows I will love.

By Deborah Mulvany a raving fan of Kathryn Cooper Jewellery!



“It was such a pleasure dealing with Kathryn over the design and purchase of a very special necklace present for my wife,   I was given a wide selection of designs and stone types,  and nothing was too much trouble to get it just right,  at a cost that was excellent value for money. My wife was delighted and impressed with my efforts.   I do not hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone who wants attractive ideas and unusual proposals for contemporary jewellery.”

Gordon Burnett, Surrey



I was extremely lucky to receive my pair of earrings as a gift.  They were simply beautiful. A delicate drop earring made of black and clear Swarovski crystals set on sterling silver, I have found them suitable to wear with many outfits. They are made fantastically and I would highly recommend that you view and purchase something from Kathryn’s range.

Claire Vincett, Maidstone.



The story begins when I saw a beautiful gemstone (Kathryn if you know the stone feel free to add it, it was the green with orange tube type beads) (*it was Carnelian, quite a rare colour, banded orange and green, very lovely  and I’ve not  been able to find any since then, which was about 4 years ago!) . These unusual gemstones were set in a necklace that Kathryn had made which was on display. I loved it, but the necklace was not quite me.  The next thing I knew she was asking what I would want, the tape measure was out and within approx 1 week, I had a beautiful bracelet and matching earrings designed especially for me.   I loved it.

Kathryn has since made several other beautiful one-off items for me, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Kathryn has a great eye for detail and is very creative. 

She has also repaired other items of jewellery for me, all at a reasonable price.

Thanks Kathryn for all the additional pleasure your items have brought me. 

JM, Kent.


I was introduced to Kathryn by a friend who had commissioned her to make jewellery for her 40th birthday party, all made to match her outfit, and the jewellery looked stunning.  My friend suggested that Kathryn might be able to make my wedding jewellery and so we met. She asked me to bring along some samples of the fabric that my dress and bridesmaids’ dresses were to be made from, and she asked me lots of questions to get a feel for what I might want.  Three weeks later she had made my necklace, earrings and a bracelet, and necklaces and earrings for my three bridesmaids. I was very impressed. The pearls and other beads she used all perfectly complimented the colours of the dresses and we all looked great on the day!

My mum was also impressed so she asked Kathryn to design her jewellery for the wedding too. As she is a “larger” lady (sorry mum!!) and often finds it difficult to find nice necklaces and bracelets  that fit properly and aren’t too tight, Kathryn was able to custom make to the right size and the colours matched her outfit so well.  Her jewellery also looked fab on the day, and she received lots of lovely compliments on how well her jewellery matched her outfit!

I would definitely recommend Kathryn for any type of jewellery, but particularly for weddings as she has a great eye for design and colour and Is very attentive, but more importantly when planning a wedding, she is very reasonably priced and provides an excellent service.

LF, Kent.