July birthstone - ruby

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! July’s Birthstone

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby! July’s Birthstone

“The gleaming Ruby should adorn
All those who in July are born.
For thus they’ll be exempt and free,
From lovers’ doubts and anxiety.”

Kind of sums it up really!

Ruby is called the king of the gemstones, its deep hue of red is one of the most valuable gemstones, due to its rarity. Its brilliant colour and magnificent brilliance is perfect for adorning royal families all over the globe.

Of course, it goes without saying that the red of the ruby is associated with fire and blood, it’s the gemstone of passion, and love.

Not a subtle stone this one!

They are believed to promote a clear mind, increase concentration and motivation (note to self, wear rubies on Mondays), bring power and self-confidence, which in turn can allow the wearer to prosper and achieve great things.

Rubies are said to stimulate the heart, heightening sensual feelings, increasing desire and sexual energy, but also in relationships it signifies a passionate, faithful commitment, which is why it’s a great option to give a bride (and a groom!) on their wedding day.

In ancient times, wearers of rubies would be warned of impending danger, and be kept safe, and all sadness and foolish thoughts would be banned – what a lovely idea for those that are setting off on their travels.

Because of its association with blood, healers believe that it aids conditions associated with the heart, and stimulates circulation. It’s helpful for treating fever and infections, and also can help with your weight, especially if you’re eating is associated with emotions; so if you’re feeling like having a chocolate cake because you’ve had a rubbish day, find those ruby earrings, quick!

Of course, it’s also linked to the reproductive organs, and is thought to help alleviate menstruation pain, disorders linked to the sexual organs, and can help during pregnancy – a perfect one for helping to get rid of swelling ankles and feet for all you pregnant ladies out there.

When it comes to love, the properties of rubies also extend to loving yourself, as they are thought to banish any negative feelings that you may have, protecting any sensitive souls, and generally helping you to feel more positive and confident about yourself.

So it really is the king of the gemstones! It’s such a beautiful stone which will instantly draw attention to you (in a good way remember, it’ll make you feel invincible!) and as a feature stone, you can’t really ask for any more.

I love rubies and years ago I “lost” my favourite ruby necklace and turned the house upside down looking for it. A simple string of tiny hand-cut rubies in ombre shades of pink to red (worth about £300). I loved that necklace and was over the moon when it turned up several months later in my then 4-yr old daughter’s jewellery box. My other half had put it in there thinking it was one of hers because of the pink and red sparkly stones in it and she had been happily playing “princesses” with it. I still  haven’t repaired that necklace!

I love making jewellery with rubies, you can really go all out, it’s a flamboyant stone I try not to shy away from in my designs. As it’s one of the more precious stones, I keep them for specific requests, so please do get in touch and I’ll work with you to create a special design.

So if you’re looking for some ideas, head on over to my shop to see what’s there, or get in touch if you’d like something specific made.

Ruby, July Birthstone

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