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Howlite is a white to grey coloured gemstone with grey, brown or black veins, and is scientifically called a calcium borosilicate hydroxide. Due to its very porous texture it can be very easily dyed and it is famed for imitating other minerals like Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Red Coral. A lot of the Turquoise on the market today is in fact dyed Howlite.

California is the world’s primary source of Howlite. It is also found in Canada, Germany and Turkey.

Care: Since Howlite is a soft stone it can get damaged easily so be careful not to drop your jewellery.  And keep it away from high temperatures and chemicals – including perfume as this could cause the dye to leach onto the skin.

History, gemstone folklore and healing properties of Howlite

Howlite was discovered in Nova Scotia in Canada in the 1880s when gypsum miners came across it. As it was tougher than gypsum it was causing problems and slowing down their mining.  They called in a local geologist /mineralogist, Mr Henry How to help them and so the gemstone was named in his honour.

Howlite is believed to have an extremely calming energy and is used to relieve anxiety, tension and intense emotions. It is also said to eliminate anger, negativity and offensive behaviour, and claims to act as a shield against rage, and encourages reasoned and calm communication.  Howlite is also thought to have strong associations with self-awareness, creativity and improving ones emotional attitudes and building character.

Physically, as it is thought to calm the whole body, it is said to release muscle tension, eliminate pain brought about by stress, and aid in healing stress-related disorders like ulcers, heart problems and rashes.  It is thought to be able to balance calcium levels in the body, and so good for strengthening teeth and bones. It is believed to be helpful in treating arthritis, rheumatism and osteoporosis. And it is also said to help with insomnia.

Howlite is associated with the Zodiac Sign of Gemini.

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