GoldstoneGoldstone is not a mineral gemstone but a man-made type of glittering glass. The most common colours are reddish-brown and blue. It contains tiny crystals of metallic copper which give the golden flecks and tiny sparkles. Basically the Goldstone is formed when the copper is melted in a vat sealed off from the air and kept at a low temperature.

History, gemstone folklore and healing properties of Goldstone

Legends say that Goldstone was discovered by Italian medieval monks practicing alchemy and trying to make gold, hence it is sometimes know as “Monkstone”. However the original manufacturing process is believed to have been invented by the Milotti family in Venice in the 17th Century.
Goldstone is said to be the stone of ambition and is believed to build energy, courage and a positive attitude. It is said to increase drive and confidence and is regarded as an uplifting stone that promotes vitality.
Healers believe that Goldstone helps to reduce stomach tension and is said to benefit arthritic conditions as it is helpful to bones, painful joints and circulation.

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