Bronzite gemstone propertiesBronzite is composed of a combination of Enstatite and Hypersthene, found in igneous rocks very deep within the earth. It has also been found in meteorites. Bronzite is a beautiful, rich chocolate-brown colour with golden swirls or iridescence which gemmologists call “schiller”.

Bronzite is found in a large number of locations all over the world.

Traditional legends, gemstone folklore and healing properties:

Legends say that the Ancient Romans used to grind Bronzite into powder to use as a protection against mental illness and confusion, and as a general treatment to strengthen the nerves.

Bronzite is said to inspire courtesy and encourage good behaviour and is a protective, grounding gemstone used to restore harmony and self confidence. It is believed to alleviate doubt and indecision and help give a sense of certainty when goal-setting. It is also said to be especially useful in situations where one feels overwhelmed or powerless as it is believed to increase self esteem.

Bronzite is not a traditional birthstone but is said to be a good gemstone for those born under the zodiac sign of Leo.