Amazonite Gemstone InformationAmazonite is said to be either named after the Amazon River or after the Amazonian women warriors, however it has never been discovered in the vicinity of the Amazon River.

Amazonite is one of the most common of the feldspar minerals. It is usually green or bluish green in colour but can also be green to yellowish green, with some featuring white or cream streaks.  Its colour comes from tiny amounts of water and lead in the mineral’s structure.

It is mined in Brazil (but not near the Amazon River) USA, India, Africa Madagascar and Russia.

Traditional legends, gemstone folklore and healing properties of Amazonite

Amazonite Gemstone InformationAmazonite jewellery was produced as long as four thousand years ago in Egypt, India, Mesopotamia and Sudan.

It is believed that it can calm emotions as it has a calming and soothing effect.  It is said to empower one with courage, enhance self-expression and creativity, dispel negative energy, and is said to allow the wearer to let go of sadness and grief.

Amazonite is not a traditional birth stone but is believed to be a good gemstone for those born in December, and also for those born under the zodiac sign of Virgo.

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